What is Urth's Legacy Online?

Urth's Legacy online is a unique software that allows role-players to chat within our customized RP based chat rooms, and offers many other great features. This is not a MUD in the sense of utilizing difficult commands to navigate through hard to understand places. Rather, Urth's Legacy is a place that is made from the imagination, with easy to enter chat rooms, and a solid and easy to understand rule-system that will allow role-players to play within a community based setting. You may download and play for FREE by clicking the Download button at the top of this page.

Origin of Urth's Legacy...

Urth's Legacy, sometimes called UL, or ULRPG, started over 10 years ago. At that time it was nothing more than a set of web pages, which players utilized to form the common bonds of a community of role-players. The game would soon emerge as one of the most popular structured rule systems on AOL. As the community continued to support the game, its creator continued to expand on it. Although the game was original known as S.P.A.W.W.N. Forum (Specialized Players And World Wide Networks) it later came to be called Urth's Legacy, becoming part of the larger idea of the S.P.A.W.W.N. gaming network. And here it is today, some 10 years later, being actively developed into a world class text-based RPG even in the face of magnificent graphic oriented video games. The power of the imagination prevails.




FREE Chat-based RP

Live Chat, Automated Combat, Profiles, Instant Messaging

This game is currently under revision.

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